Safe Strip UK can undertake management surveys (formerly called type 2 surveys) and pre-refurbishment or full pre-demolition surveys (formerly called type 3 surveys) in all premises sectors including, Industrial, Commercial, Educational, Health Care, Retail & Domestic. Management surveys are not fully intrusive and are designed to identify the presence of ACMs for the purpose of developing Asbestos Management Plans to ensure compliance with Regulation 4 of CAR 2012. Management surveys record the location & extent of all ACM’s and presumed ACMs along with material assessments – including product type, extent of damage / deterioration, surface treatment & asbestos fibre type.


Safe Strip UK can also assist clients with completing Priority Assessments and developing Asbestos Management Plans. Pre refurbishment & pre-demolition surveys are fully intrusive and are required prior to refurbishment or demolition works commencing to prevent exposure during refurbishment & demolition. The findings of pre-refurbishment & pre-demolition works are used in the tendering stage for costing asbestos removal works prior to refurbishment or demolition works commencing. Safe Strip UK also undertakes annual re-inspection & condition assessment of ACMs.



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The company holds a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) full licence to undertake work with asbestos. The company management has over 25 years, experience in the asbestos industry. We have a wide range of knowledge and experience.



Safe Strip UK cover all types of environments both large and small from domestic to major industrial properties. All our operatives are trained upto and beyond the requirements of The Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2012. We undertake all types of asbestos related projects regardless of size including minor repair work to damaged ACM's and large major asbestos removal work where enclosures and controlled conditions are required.



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